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How to Generate Line Parameters Using Conductor Data

The document details the steps involved in using the Line Generator tab of PI Section or Constant Param Lines and Cables components.

When To Use The Line Generator

Use the Line tab when transmission line parameters need to be generated using the conductor arrangement. HYPERSIM makes use of per-km values of R, L, and C (zero and positive sequence) for its internal computations.

It is the responsibility of the user to input this information. However, in many cases, these values are not readily available to the user. Typically, the user has access to conductor arrangement and details of the conductor’s geometry as shown.

The Line Generator tab helps the user to obtain the per-km values of R, L, and C based on the given conductor arrangement.

Conductor Arrangement Diagram

Conductor Arrangement Diagram

Conductor Geometry Diagram

Conductor Geometry Diagram

Tower Height and Sag Diagram

Tower Height and Sag Diagram

The figures shown above represent the information provided by the user. 

Use the Line Generator tab in the Line component's form. But first, make sure to complete the information in the following table using data from the geometrical configuration.

In order to make use of the Line Generator tab, the user needs to have all the values listed in the Table below.

The units are metric.

S. No.Parameter (unit in which it is measured)Value
1Frequency of voltage transmitted by the line (Hz)
2Ground resistivity (omega m)
3Number of phases conductor bundles3 bundles for single circuit lines, 6 bundles for double circuit line
4Number of ground wiresTypically 2
5The horizontal distance between each phase bundle (m)
6The vertical distance between each phase bundle (m)
7The vertical distance of conductor bundle at the tower (m)This is obtained after subtracting sag height
8The horizontal distance between ground wires
9The vertical distance of ground wire at the tower
10The vertical distance of ground wire at mid-point of line (m)This is obtained after subtracting sag height
11Transposition information
12Method to compute the internal inductanceT/D ratio or GMR or Reactance
13The outside diameter of the individual conductor in bundle (cm)
14DC resistance of individual conductor (omega per km)
15Number of conductors per bundleFor ground wires, this is 1
16Bundle diameter (cm)
17Position of the first conductor in the bundle counter-clockwise from x-axis (degrees)

How To Use The Line Generator

Once all the required information is available, the user opens the simulation model in HYPERSIM.

  • Open the Mask of the Line
  • Go to the Line Generator tab.
  • Load a file into the Line Data GUI or enter the geometrical line parameters; details are found in Line Generator | Line Geometry.
  • Select the transposition options
  • Run the program using the Compute Parameters icon
  • Load the parameters
  • Click the Apply button. The transmission line parameters in HYPERSIM are updated. 
  • Verify the update by comparing the result obtained in the Log tab and the actual parameters in the selected transmission line.

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