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Simulink | Using Scopes

Scopes plot signals of the user's Simulink model. The HYPERSIM importing of scopes is useful for debugging purposes displaying internal variable values. It avoids replacing scopes by outputs to display internal values.

However, the use of Scopes should be limited to debugging. Indeed, the Embedded Coder target doesn’t import scopes during block reduction in order to optimize the performance.

For effective importing:

  • Target hyperlink_ert.tlc (with Embedded Coder): uncheck Block reduction option (in Optimization). If this option is checked, scopes are not imported.

  • Note: Some versions do not show this option in categories and should be looked for and manipulated through the search engine.

  •  Since R2017a

  •  Up to R2016b

  • Target hyperlink_grt.tlc (without Embedded Coder): nothing to do, scopes are automatically imported for any case.

In HYPERSIM, scopes signals are grouped into an output pin “Scopes”.

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