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The Preferences panel is accessible through the HYPERSIM Ribbon. The options available in this section are user-specific preferences, and affect all circuits.


The preferences set in this panel affect the advanced features of HYPERSIM. You can hover on the labels to show a tooltip (or alt text), detailing each property's effect.

Model preparation timeout

This timeout applies to steps taken before the simulation initializes such as analyzing the network, mapping tasks, generating the code...

These steps may be executed individually, but are also called upon if necessary when clicking on "Start simulation", potentially leading to reaching the timeout. Increasing its value may be necessary when working with large models.

HyCore upload timeoutThis timeout is used when uploading files to the target HyCore. For example, code generation, installing the HYPERSIM rpm...

Enable Dashboards

(requires HYPERSIM restart)

Enable or disable Dashboards.
Do not ask to automatically add targets from models

HYPERSIM Models save the name of the last used target.

If the model is copied on another PC or shared with another user that never had the target in the target manager, the target is not registered. Therefore, when loading such a model, a popup automatically offers to try adding this target to the target list.

This checkbox disables this feature and the popup doesn't appear anymore.

Data input

The preferences shown in this panel define the default system units used for display in some component categories.

For more information on the system units, see also System Units (SI, PU, PQ, A).

For example, Winding voltage and impedance for the Transformer category is set to PU.

  • Thus when users open a transformer, the parameters of this transformer related to this preference are displayed in PUs.
  • If users temporarily want to change the system unit for a transformer--to check the values in SI, for example--they can right-click the unit label of the form, and switch the displayed system unit through the context menu. 
  • To permanently change the system unit displayed for the component category, users can also access this configuration through the same context menu.

Example Mask Component Display Unit Being Changed

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