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Diagnostic allows users to gather all the relevant logs of the simulation in a single zip file. After the diagnostic has been run, its output can be sent for support.

Diagnostic is accessed through the HYPERSIM ribbon.

When contacting our Support team, they may need the report generated by the diagnostic. is another diagnostic available. It provides a detailed report of the target's current state and is often requested by the support team to help diagnose issues.


There are two sections available through the Diagnostic interface:

  • Report Information

  • Save Report

Report Information

Localhost Logs

Allows to get the log files from the localhost.

Target Logs

Allows to get the log files from the target.

Save Report

Report file location

Allows to specify the folder where the report will be saved.

Generate Report

Allows to create the report and save it in the specified zip folder.



Here is a list of all the logs available in the report folder.



  • Maestro

  • HyCore/HyServer

  • Simulation: simout tab in the UI

Other informations

  • Running processes : get a list of all the processes actually running on the target

  • Topology analysis report :

  • Model information : contains general information about the HYPERSIM session and the current design

  • System Information

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