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Step 2: Drawing a Power System

A bus and a POW (Point-On-Wave) block are required to start a new model. These can both be found in the Network Tools library, along with other components for advanced modeling, such as Simulink-imported models and user-coded models.

The POW is required for acquisition synchronization in ScopeView, and is mandatory in every model with network components.

POW Block

Simply drag and drop a component on the schematic to add it.

From the Network Sources library, add an AC V source and connect it to the POW previously added. 

To connect two components, left-click from a connector of the first component to a connector of the second component.

Once done, you can click on the signal to see all connected signals (yellow) and connectors (light blue).

Connecting components

To change the signal to a 3-phase signal, right-click the signal, then select Line Type, then 3-Phase Signal.

Changing signal types

To delete all selected signals (highlighted in yellow), press Delete on your keyboard or use the right-click menu.

To remove only one branch of a signal, use the Zap tool in the Home toolbar. The Tools group includes common operations for signals.

Deleting signals using the toolbar

For more on practical shortcuts, see Common Keyboard Shortcuts

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