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Triphase | Configuration

Hardware Setup

The following picture shows the hardware setup that is required to run the example model in HYPERSIM.

  • Please, note that the Triphase simulator can be replaced with a real power amplifier.
  • It is important to mention that the driver can be tested without the Triphase simulator (or without real amplifier) by simply connecting the optical fiber cable in loopback on the PCI express card. In such a setup, data sent by the simulator can be read back and monitored in Scopeview.
  • When the loopback is properly connected on the PCI express card, both LEDs that are on the back of the card should be green.

Accessing the I/O Interface Configuration

The Triphase I/O interface can be configured in the I/O Interface Configuration tool that can be opened from the HYPERSIM ribbon.

For more information, see use of the I/O Interface Configuration.

Interface Configuration

The Triphase I/O interface has a fixed configuration. I/Os can directly be assigned in the Sensor form.

Enable virtual modeIn virtual mode, the model can be executed even if this I/O interface is not compatible with the hardware configuration of the system. The connections between the model and the I/O interface will be done during the initialization, but the I/O interface will not do anything.

The virtual mode can be used to troubleshoot problems on a system without having the required hardware, or to prepare a model with different I/O interfaces even if the final hardware platform is not available.

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