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Task Manager | Tasks View

All tasks are displayed within a table where each line represents the properties of one task. Columns are regrouped as they belong to non-editable parameters of the task (Information), editable parameters (Inputs) or to Map Tasks Results (Results).

TaskTask Name.
IdTask Id.
CategoryTask category, three categories are possible (SUSBSTATION, LINE, CONTROL).
Exec TimeEstimated execution time for the task.
Set ProcIdPre-allocated processor number by the user (empty if there is no pre-allocation).
ProcIdMap Tasks result, the processor number which has been automatically assigned to the task (empty if no Map Tasks has been run).
Of these columns, two are editable: Set ProcId and Exec Time.
Set ProcIdTasks can be manually pre-allocated on a processor (strict constraints are applied to automatic task mapping). A combo box enables selection of the processor number from the available ones in the simulator.

Exec Time: The execution time can be also modified. When the entered value differed from the original one (computed by HYPERSIM), the figure is highlighted in orange.

The Tasks View menu contains the following functionalities:

Open Config/Save Config: Modified data (Exec Time and Set ProcId) are saved as an XML file (preallocatedTasks.xml) within the model repertory modele_hyp/mapping/. Open Config loads these saved files and Save Config saved the current configuration. It is useful for multi-architecture simulation (different number of processors, different computational power…). For a given architecture, the right XML configuration file has just to be selected.

(For instance preallocatedTasks_Windows.xml, preallocatedTasks_RTLinux1.xml or preallocatedTasks_RTLinux2.xml).

  • Clear deletes all user-defined values. Set ProcId column will be empty as Exec Time (no more orange value).
  • Map Tasks runs the automatic task mapping. The processor set by the mapTasks will be displayed on the ProcId column. If Set ProcId is not empty, normaly Set ProcId=ProcId (manual pre-allocation principle as to force some tasks to be allocated to processors set by the user).

Exec Time Unit Tasks allows to change task execution time unit (by default in μs otherwise a percentage of the time step %Ts). Through the time step percent unit %Ts, the weight of each tasks can be more appreciated toward the real-time constraint.

Otherwise, a context menu is available through right-click on selected tasks (multi-selection is enable).

  • Select Task enables visualization of task components within the design which are highlighted.
  • Set Proc allows to set the pre-allocated processor for selected tasks. Multi-selection accelerate the pre-allocation of a group of tasks on the same processor.

[1] P. Le-Huy, M. Woodacre, S. Guérette, É. Lemieux, Massively Parallel Real-Time Simulation of Very-Large-Scale Power Systems, International Conference on Power Systems Transients (IPST2017) in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2017.

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