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Simulink | Using Tunable Parameters

With the tunable parameters, you are able to modify model parameters on HYPERSIM without regenerating the model code on Simulink.

Note: a variable cannot be set as a tunable parameter if it is used in the initialization of a mask.

On the Configuration panel go to Optimization/Signals and Parameters.

Then go to the Default parameter behavior line. (Inline is set by default.)

 For R2019a to R2020b versions

 For R2016a to R2018b versions

 For R2012a to R2015a versions

Click Configure and select Referenced workspace variables as Source list.

Select the parameters you want to be tunable. In this case, let's select H and K then click Add to table (Below the window state after this action).

Then click Apply and OK.

 From R2012a to R2018a versions

In HYPERSIM you can modify these parameters through the device form. For instance, here K is a complex and H a matrix (e.g. K = 3.0+5.0i and H = [1.0 2.0 ; 3.0 4.0] for initialization).

On this form, you can set the real and imaginary parts of K (K_param_re and K_param_im) and set the matrix parameters of H (coefficients are written by column within a vector).

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