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Quick Start | Simulink Import

For more information and options, see section: Simulink Compatibility

Overview & Features Supported

Hyperlink is a HYPERSIM module allowing users to import Simulink models via code generation.

Supported Features

  • MATLAB versions from R2015b to R2023b (see Software Compatibility)
  • Simulink coder and Embedded coder.
  • Multiple instances modeling: the ability to use several instances of the same Simulink model.
  • Tunable parameters.
  • Model confidentiality via compilation.
  • Multiple-time step code generation (Simulink coder only). Embedded coder and model confidentiality are not supported.
  • Multiple rates within one model.
  • Inline S-functions and MATLAB functions.
  • Support of non-inline S-functions (allow users to write custom C code in Simulink models) for Embedded coder targets and Simulink coder targets.
  • Integration of Simulink Scopes (to monitor internal variables via HYPERSIM sensors).
  • Only standard Simulink signals can be exchanged with HYPERSIM.
  • Simscape components can be imported via voltage and current measurement and injection converting Simscape signals to standard Simulink signals.
  • Fixed step solvers: discrete and ode1.
  • Fixed step solvers: ode2, ode3, ode4, ode5, ode8, and ode14x are supported if a zero-order hold (with a sample period of a major time step) is inserted before each output of the model.

The MATLAB license must include:

  • MATLAB coder (to generate C/C++ code on MATLAB, prerequisite for Simulink Coder).
  • Simulink coder (to generate C/C++ code on Simulink).

The Embedded coder license can be used for better optimization and customization of the generated code improving the performance.

Functionalities not supported:

  • Simulink model with variable time step: the time step for the solver is always fixed.
  • External mode (ability to modify model parameters during the simulation): it’s replaced by tunable parameters in HYPERSIM.
  • Data logging.
  • S-functions based on .m (S-functions based on C-code are allowed).
  • m-functions (except by using the MATLAB function block).

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