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OP8665 System Description

The OP8665 Controller Interface is a rapid control prototyping platform. It allows the user to interface a commercial DSP quickly and easily with an OPAL-RT real-time simulator. 

The system consists of an open casing, which supports the following boards:

  • Up to two Controller boards, each Controller board holds one TI controller module
  • One Controller Interface board

The casing provides connectors for interfacing with the real-time simulator.

The OP8665 comes with one TI TMDSCNCD28335 module, cabling, power supplies and the software suite from TI as well as Code Composer Studio for the development of the controller code.


The main features of the OP8665 Controller Interface are:

  • Support for up to two development boards hosting one DSP card each
  • Easily accessible signal probing area
  • CAN bus and Serial (RS232) communication ports
  • Direct interface to OPAL-RT simulators via DB37 cable
  • Switches and potentiometers for injection of stimuli
  • User-configurable status LED
  • JTAG connector interface for programming and debugging
  • Analog and digital input protection
  • Scaled analog inputs
  • Breakout signals via jumpers
  • Onboard 5V and 3.3V regulator

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