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OP8666 Front Interface and Reset Button

OP8666 Front view

A. Power ON/OFF button
B. Isolated USB for In Circuit Programming & Debugging
C. USB 2.0 Fast Speed (FS) for Data
D. Isolated Sync (A) RJ-45 Connector
E. Isolated Sync (B) RJ-45 Connector
F. Isolated CAN (A) RJ-45 Connector
G. Isolated CAN (B) RJ-45 Connector
H. Fiber-Optic Ports
I. Analog Inputs DB50 Female Connector
J. Digital I/Os DB50 Female Connector

From the top, the user can reset the controller by pressing the blue RESET button through the hole in the plexiglass.

OP8666 Top view and reset Button

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