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OP5963 RT-LAB Configuration

The OpCtrl block in RT-LAB must be configured with the appropriate synchronization mode (MASTER, SLAVE). Select Master or Slave in the “Synchronization mode” field.

The remaining parametersd in this window are determined according to the chassis and the type of FPGA.

OpCtrl block synchronization parameters


Product name

OP5963 Fiber Optic Synch Module

Part number


Product type

OP5600 external synchronization


Supplied by chassis

RT-RX Receiver

Avago HFBR-RNS010Z

RT-TX Transmitter

Avago HFBR-RNS010Z

Connector type

VersaLink termination

Tx/Rx max frequency

50 MBaud at 50 meters maximum.

Type of Optical Fiber

Plastic Optical Fiber (POF), Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF), 1mm diameter core, 2.2mm diameter Jacket


650 nm.


8.75 x 7.64 cm (3.44 in x 3.0 in)

Operating temperature

10 to 40 ºC (50 to 104ºF)

Storage temperature

-55 to 85ºC (-67 to 185ºF)

Relative humidity

10 to 90%, non condensing

Maximum altitude

2,000 m (6562 ft.)

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