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OP8125 Voltage Amplifier 150V-30mA - 4 channels


The OP8125 module converts four standard ±16Vpk voltages into high voltage output, up to 150VRMS. Each output is individually isolated from the simulators.

The OP8125 is short-circuit proof and its temperature and supply voltages are continuously monitored. A thermal shutdown prevents the voltage amplifier from exceeding its maximum operating temperature. An indicator is present to indicate if the output is in fault.

The OP8125 can be used in standalone with minimal connection, or used in an OP8120 chassis for a total of 32 High Voltage output per chassis.

When used in an OP8120 chassis, each channel are configured to match the OPAL-RT’s DB37 standard pin-out.

Each output can deliver a current of up to 30 mA.


  • Voltage amplifier module for 4 individual isolated channels.
  • Differential inputs.
  • Fault display.

Separated High Voltage Ground

High voltage grounds are separated from the simulator ground and they are individual.  Use the banana plug on the front panel to ground the chassis.


  • Excitation voltage emulation (grid, electrical machine, etc,)
  • High voltage amplifier

Block Diagram

Voltage Amplifier Conditioning Module

OP8125 Interface

The OP8125 has 4 screw terminal connectors.

OP8125 Interface

Status LED

Each channel has one LED. If all is functioning properly, the LED will be green. If the LED is red, it indicates either an overcurrent or a thermal protection fault.

Power LED Description

Each module has two power LEDs:

  • When the left LED is on, it indicates that the internal ±15 Vdc power is functioning properly.
  • When the right LED is on, it indicates that the ±24 Vdc power is functioning properly.


General specifications

Product name

OP8125 Signal Conditioning Module

Part number


Power supply

(provided by OP8120 chassis)

±24Vdc@ 1.5A

12Vdc@ 275mA


23.43 x 10 x 5 cm (9.22” x 3.94” x 1.96“)

Analog Inputs




AC, differential

Diff. input voltage range


Diff. input resistance


Analog bandwidth

40Hz – 1KHz.

Analog Outputs


Screw terminals


DC, referenced to its HVGND

Voltage range


for gain 20±1% at no load for gain 16±1% at full load

Max current

30mA RMS

Output impedance

1350Ω ±10%


40 Hz - 1 KHz

Phase lag In/Out

-3.5° at full load

Nominal operating frequency

45Hz - 65Hz

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