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OP8926 Description


  • Low latency < 90ns, high resolution of 130ns
  • Digital In: Programmable threshold 0-30V
  • Digital Out maximum current: 50 mA per channel ( 550 mA per Vuser)
  • Signal conditioning & FIU on a single board 

The OP8926 is a 32 channel digital input/output board with fault insertion as an option, compatible with the NI SLSC-12001 Platform.

Board Architecture

The board features a combination of 32 input and output channels and a set of relays adding fault insertion capability for each signal.

The general layout of the board is as follows, with the Front Interface connectors on the left and the SLSC backplane connectors on the right: 

The input/output conditioning is managed by the Type B OP5369 module.

A CPLD is used to configure the fault insertion unit (FIU) section and the OP5369.  It is responsible for the communication of the SLSC card within the NI environment for identification, error reporting, etc.

It also receives configuration from the software and applies it to the FIU and to some of the I/Os.

The FIU specification and topology is common to all OP8900 boards.

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