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OP8940 Hardware Interface

Face plate

The face plate provides two HDB44 connectors (J1, J2), one 4-pin Molex connector (J3) and two LEDs:

J1, J2 Connectors

The 32 signals are routed to both J1 and J2 connectors. This allows, for example, splitting the input and output signals into two different cables.

If the harnessing uses only one connector, it is recommended to use J2 (bottom one).

The connectors' pin assignment is detailed in OP8940 Pin assignment 

J1-J2 Recommended mating connector

ManufacturerPart numberDescription
Norcomp180-044-173L000D-SUB Housings
Norcomp180-001-170L001Crimps for 24 to 26 wire gauge

J3 Connector

J3 is used to connect the two external reference voltages for fault insertion. 

J3 Mating connector with crimps

ManufacturerPart numberDescription
Molex538-172258-1004Headers and Wire Housings
Molex538-172253-3023-LPCrimps for 16 to 18 wire gauge

LEDs definition

LED NameLED BehaviorDefinition of Behavior

OffNo power present on module (from SLSC Interface nor external power)
Solid GreenPower Good State
Blinking RedModule Fault State

OffModule is not powered or in Rdy/Rst# is driven low by the chassis.
Solid GreenModule in default configuration, recognized by the chassis and ready
to configure (The Rdy/Rst# signal has been pulled high by the chassis.)
Blinking AmberModule is active (in a non-default configuration and/or communicating
with the chassis).

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