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OP8E07 Description

The OP8E07 module produces four (4) isolated signals from the low-voltage signals coming from the unit-under-test.


  • 4 channels

  • ±16V voltage range

  • Individual galvanic isolation (1kV) of all channels

Board Layout

OP8E07 - Top View

Channel Description

Each module provides 4 isolated analog input voltages, with a maximum input voltage swing of ±16V. The signal is transmitted digitally using a modulation-demodulation technique.

The circuit consists of two stages :

  • The first stage is designed around a differential amplifier. 

  • The signal is then transmitted to the isolation amplifier that filters and amplifies the signal.

Bandwidth and Maximum Input Voltage vs Frequency

The figures below provide more information on bandwidth and maximum input voltage with no distortion. To avoid slew rate distortion, please consider the case for G=1.

Max Input Voltage vs Freq.

For G=1, to avoid any slew rate distortion for ±32V, the maximum frequency, before distortion is 40kHz).

Only curve 2 of this picture is to be taken into consideration.

Typical Application Diagram

Pin Assignment

Refer to the OP8E00 Modules Pin Assignment table.

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