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OP5600V2 Connecting Monitoring Devices

The OP5600 simulator offers quick, single-ended connections, through RJ45 and mini BNC connectors, to any monitoring device (i.e. oscilloscope, etc.). These mini-BNC jacks let you monitor 4 channels individually. Simply follow these instructions (as illustrated in the figure below):

Only connect RJ45 cables from the upper section (A) monitoring jacks to lower section monitoring panel (B, as shown). Connecting any other cable or device may result in damage to the equipment.

The network cable must only be connected to the standard computer connector network jack (see OP5600V2 Installation and Configuration).

DO NOT connect the network cable in any jack other than the jack intended for that purpose.

How to Connect Cables for Monitoring

A. Connect one end of the RJ45 cable to the desired channels. See figure in RJ45 Channel Assignments in OP5600V2 IO Connectors for RJ45 connector pinouts

B. Connect the other end of the RJ45 cable to one of the RJ45 connectors of the monitoring panel

C. The four mini-BNC jacks each connect to one of the 4 channels of the above RJ45 Connector. Connect a mini-BNC cable to the BNC jack corresponding to the channel to be monitored, and connect the other end of the cable to the desired monitoring device. 

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