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OP4242-1 - 16 Analog Inputs

The OP4242-1 module provides 16 differential analog input channels. Each channel uses a 16-bit resolution analog-to-digital converter. By default, the maximum input signal is set to ±20 volts.


  • 16 analog input channels, 16 bits, 2 MSPS
  • All inputs are sampled simultaneously for additional simulation They can be sampled up to 2 MS/s
  • 16-bit resolution
  • ±20V input


The figure below represents a simplified schematic of the input stage of the OP5342 modules. The first filter removes excessive noise. The signal is then attenuated to maintain the maximum input voltage range of ±20 Volts with no additional resistors.

Differential input ADC circuit

The OP4242-1 cassette includes the OP5342 mezzanine card.

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