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Module information

Module identification

àIn order to ensure appropriate system configuration, the module supplies lines that identifies its type, the following 5 IO lines are dedicated to the Module Identification [Ref-6]:

  • MODULE_IO90(J1:1-A26) -> MODULE_ID0;
  • MODULE_IO18(J1:1-A27) -> MODULE_ID1
  • MODULE_IO22(J1:1-A28) -> MODULE_ID2
  • MODULE_IO30(J1:1-A29) -> MODULE_ID3
  • MODULE_IO41(J1:1-A30) -> MODULE_ID4

These lines carry a unique code for each module composing the DCS where the Base module has been assigned the value 0.  This value is also used in the ProductMinorID field and when it is combined with the Firmware part number (ProductMajorID), it forms the product identification number.  A valid firmware configuration is guaranteed when the ProductMinorID field matches the value carried by MODULE_ID[4:0].  In which case, the Valid Firmware signal is asserted and all output are enabled.

Module ID values 

The module ID for the ASM is 3.

Module position in the chassis

Module revision information

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