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Synchronized AIn


The Synchronized Analog In (AIn) functionality of the OPAL-RT Board driver provides the simulation with synchronized analog input acquisition data obtained from the analog input channels of the OP5340 modules installed in the simulator.

The synchronization source is a PWM signal obtained from the digital output channels of the OP5354 or OP5360-2 modules installed in the simulator. 

The data values are transferred to the simulation through the DataOUT ports of the FPGA.

The data port numbers and the location of the synchronized analog input modules in the simulator are specified in the bitstream configuration file, which must be provided in the General section of the configuration of the OPAL-RT Board driver.

Once the driver has parsed the bitstream configuration file, the user can see the location of the synchronized analog input modules and can configure them.

The OPAL-RT Board driver can control all of the analog input modules of the simulator at the same time. Therefore, the maximum number of analog input channels is limited by the hardware configuration of the simulator in use.


Once the bitstream configuration file has been parsed, the location of the synchronized analog input modules becomes visible to the user. The channels of the modules are grouped into bunches of 8. By clicking on each group of 8, the user has access to the configurable options of the group.

Slot Configuration

PWM groupList of all the channel groups containing channels that output PWM signals that may be used to synchronize analog input signals. Each channel group contains 8 channels.
PWM sourceChannel that provides the PWM signal. All of the analog input channels located in this slot are synchronized by the PWM signal coming from this channel.
PWM trigger type

This is the time in the PWM period that analog input acquisition takes place.

The Beginning option implies that analog input acquisition happens at the beginning of the PWM period, Middle implies the middle of the PWM period and Both implies the beginning and middle of the period.

Channel Group Configuration


Checking this box enables the acquisition of analog data for the channels in the group once the simulation has started.

Clicking Enable also adds the group of 8 channels as a connectable vector in the Configuration panel of RT-LAB. This means that if the user wishes to display the analog data received in the model, connections must be made between points in the model (in the form of OpInput blocks) and the analog input connectable points.

Connections with LabView panels are also possible.

To create a connection, the analog input vector of connections has to be drag-and-dropped onto an appropriate OpInput block in the Configuration panel of the RT-LAB project.

A connection can be made either on the entire vector or on each individual item of the vector (i.e. analog input channel).

Signals Configuration

Channels in analog input groups do not have any parameters to configure.

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