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OpAsync 429 Scheduled Major Frame




  • The blocks OpAsync_429_Scheduled_Send and OpAsync_429_Scheduled_MajorFrame are used to define the periodic scheduled transmission.
  • The blockOpAsync_429_Scheduled_MajorFrame defines the major frame parameters. It defines the period and the channel of scheduled messages.
  • The OpAsync_429_Scheduled_Send blocks define the minor frame parameters. It defines the messages with its scheduled time execution.
  • Several OpAsync_429_Scheduled_Send blocks could be attached to one major frame to describe the content of the message and its sending time.


Send IDEach OpAsync 429 Send block is assigned a unique Send ID to be distinguished among multiple send blocks.
Major Frame IDEach OpAsync_429_Scheduled_MajorFrame block is assigned a unique ID to be distinguished among multiple MajorFrame blocks.
Controller IDSpecifies the controller ID that will be associated with each OpAsync 429 Send and OpAsync 429Recv blocks.
Sub-device numberOneARINC 429 board can contain more than one independent ARINC 429 capable device. This parameter specifies which sub-device is to be used by the current block. The availability of the sub-devices depends on the ARINC 429 board model that is used.
Channel NumberThis parameter corresponds to the number of the channel that is to be used on the selected sub-device. It is important to note that, on a given sub-device, the reception channels must precede the transmission channels and that no channels may be used in both transmission and reception modes. This value ranges from 1 to 8.
Transmit SpeedSelect the transmission speed between 12.5k bps and 100k bps.
Minor Frame CountSpecifies the number of desired minor frames.
Minor Frame Time (µs)Specifies the time in microseconds allotted for a minor frame. Note: 'Minor Frame Time * MinorFrame Count' gives the period of the major frame.


This block has no inputs.


Error: currently not used.

Characteristics and Limitations

This block has no special characteristics.

Direct FeedthroughN/A
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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