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OpAsync 429 Channel Mute




This block is used to switch ON or switch OFF one channel. Transmission or Reception are stopped on the channel when the input 'Data Ready' is activated.


Controller IDSee OpAsync429 Controller documentation.
Send ID:Each OpAsync 429 Channel_Mute block is assigned a unique Send ID to be distinguished among multiple OpAsync429 Channel_Mute blocks.
Sub-device numberOne ARINC 429 board can contain more than one independentARINC 429 capable devices. This parameter specifies which sub-device is to be used by the current block. The availability of the sub-devices depends on the ARINC 429 board model that is used.
Channel NumberThis parameter corresponds to the number of the channel that is to be switched ON/OFF on the selected sub-device. This value ranges from 1 to 8.


Data ReadyThe block switches the channel ON or OFF when DataReady is '1'.
DataThe Data has to be '1' to make the channel mute or '0' to restart the channel activity.


ErrorCurrently unused.

Characteristics and Limitations

Direct FeedthroughYes
Discrete sample timeYes
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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