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OpAsync 429 Ctrl




The OpAsync 429 Ctrl block defines the settings of an ARINC 429 board. All asynchronous Send and Receive blocks associated with the ARINC 429 board must refer to this block. Each controller block is assigned a unique ID, used by theOpAsync 429 Send and OpAsync 429 Recv blocks.

Note: A429-PCI-8 and A429-PCI-8/I boards are loaded with the firmware 'f049i.dat'. A429-PCI2-16 boards are loaded with the firmware 'f082j.dat'.


Controller IDSpecifies the controller ID to be associated with each OpAsync 429 Send and OpAsync 429Recv blocks.
PCI IndexPCI index of the ARINC 429 board. See definition.
Board typeIndicates the ARINC 429 board model that is to be used.
Enable BIT at start-upIf this box is checked, the ARINC429 board will perform a Built-In-Test during initialization.
Interrupt Queue LengthThis value determines the maximum number of interrupt entries which can be stored in the ARINC 429 firmware prior to interrupt processing.
Name of executableName of asynchronous application that handles the low-level communication transactions. Note: the controller must be able to find the executable. The program must be in the simulation directory or in the system's path.
Reception Mode

Two modes of reception are supported:

  • By Interrupt: The received messages are stored in channel buffers and read by interrupt.
  • by Polling: The received messages are stored in one global monitoring buffer and read by polling. (This mode is advised for heavy traffic: more than three channels continuously receiving high-speed messages.)
Buffer Reading PeriodThis parameter is used if the reception mode is 'by polling'. The value is from 1 ms to 255 ms. It defines how often the monitor buffer is read.
Buffer Size (number of messages)This parameter is used if the reception mode is 'by polling'. The value is from 1 to 255. It defines the maximum number of messages stored in the monitor buffer during the Buffer Reading Period.


This block has no inputs.


This block has no inputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

This block has no special characteristics.

Direct FeedthroughN/A
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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