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a664p7 Get Status



Get Status block mask


This block gets the status information of the UDP protocol layer, IP protocol layer, and message port.


A unique Identifier (0-31) of an end system device.
Status Type
The port type specifies the appropriate IP protocol on which the communication status is captured.
Sample Time

It indicates the frequency of time the block generates outputs or updates its internal state.


There are no inputs.


The outputs of this block are:

  • Total count of communication message
  • Valid count of communication message
  • Invalid count of communication message
  • Errors during communication

The value of all the count outputs depends on the selected Type and Direction parameters of this block.

When the Type parameter is set to......the count specifies the number of
UDP Messagevalid messages received at the Tx or Rx UDP layer for transmission
IP Packetsvalid packets processed by the Tx or Rx IP layer
Port messagesvalid messages transmitted from the Tx or Rx Message Port.

To learn more about errors, if any, see the common error codes.

Characteristics and Limitations

The ES ID should be the same as the one in the configuration (.hex) file of the A664p7 Configure block.

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