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a664p7 Configure



A664p Configure Block Basic Mask


This block configures an end system A664p device using an input configuration file.

The configuration file contains the end system Identifier (ES ID), as well as virtual links and message ports configured using AIT Flight Simulyzer.


A unique identifier for each end system in the configuration.

Number of network ports

The number of Ethernet ports of the AFDX card to be used in the configuration.
Configuration File Name

A file in hex or adc format which contains configurations such as virtual links, message ports, etc.

Note: New version of AIT Flight Simulyzer Tool imports and exports the configuration file in adc format,

so the block adds support for both the type of file formats


This block has no inputs.


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

The configuration must be generated using external software: AIT Flight Simulyzer. Guidelines from Flight Simulyzer documentation for generating A664p configurations are below.

If any end systems are enabled, the following must be true:

  • At least one VL must be enabled, with at least one underlying communications port enabled
  • All enabled VLs must have at least one enabled port

The following must be unique among all output VLs on all end systems on a device:

  • Output VL IDs 
  • All Tx port IDs 
  • All Rx port IDs 

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