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a664p7 Receive




This block receives data from transmission virtual link ports on five different port types: sampling, queuing, SAP UDP, SAP IP, and SAP MAC.

Note: The CotsMac (COTS Ethernet) type of message port is not implemented in this block.

The functionality of each port type of the transmit block is defined below.

SamplingThe UDP Sampling port reads the ARINC653 Communication UDP message by sampling mode.
Queuing The UDP Queuing port reads the ARINC653 Communication UDP message by queuing mode.
SAP UDPThe SAP UDP port reads the UDP message.
SAP IPThe SAP IP port reads IP Packet payloads.
SAP MAC The SAP MAC port reads Ethernet MAC frame payloads.


A unique ID (0-31) of a reception end system device.
Port ID
A unique ID of the message port (0-1023) of a reception virtual link.
Port Type
The port type specifies the appropriate IP protocol on which the ES device communicates.
Sample Time

It indicates the frequency of time the block generates outputs or updates its internal state.

Max Data Bytes
Maximum data bytes a reception port can receive

Maximum data bytes for each port type are as follows:

Sampling Port1471 bytes (limited by Sampling port configuration and sequence numbering)
Queuing Port8192 bytes (limited by Queuing port configuration)
SAP UDP Port8192 (limited by SAP UDP port configuration)
SAP IP Port8200 (limited by SAP IP port configuration)
SAP MAC Port1500 (limited by SAP MAC port configuration and sequence numbering)

Note: The maximum value is limited by the parameter Max Message Size from the configuration. If the Max Message Size of Rx Port Configuration is set to 300 bytes, then the maximum value of the data length must be 300 bytes or below.


There are no inputs.


The outputs of this block are:

Data received at the reception port

The data format is specified to five double (64-bit) type arrays, Simulink’s real_T type.

The ranges of values are:

  • Day: 0 - 4,294,967,295 (the range of uint32_t)
  • Hour: 0 - 23
  • Min: 0 - 59
  • Sec: 0 - 59
  • NanoSec: 0 - 999,999,999
Timestamp at which data was receivedTimestamp uses DAY:HOUR:MIN:SEC:NANOSEC format.
Bytes readActual number of message payload bytes read from the port.
Source IP

Source IP address of the message read.

This output is valid for SAP UDP and SAP IP port types only.

Source Port

Source port of the message read.

This output is valid for SAP UDP port only.

ErrorsTo learn more about the errors, see the common error codes.

Characteristics and Limitations

  • ES ID and Port ID should be the same as the one in the configuration (.hex) file of the A664p7 Configure block.
  • The maximum data byte is limited by port configurations.

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