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OpFcn OP5142EX1 FFH1




This block performs the configuration and control of up to N Foundation Fieldbus H1 buses. The limit N is merely given by the hardware itself.

The configuration covers Hardware, Object Dictionary (OD), and all layers of the communication stack.

The control covers: Processing of Tx/Rx FFH1 messages, updates of OD, recording/retrieval of the current configuration, diagnostics, etc.


CSV File

Name of the file containing the Foundation Fieldbus configuration.

The CSV file contains the necessary information to configure the complete Fieldbus mapping.

Each line within the file represents a specific sensor. The following is an example of a line:

Description of each element of the line in order:
  1. Name of the .cff equivalent in .xml used by the toolbox. This is used to find the correct XML configuration file for the sensor to simulate.
  2. Device ID. The Device ID which is to be shown in the Toolbox and used by RT-LAB.
  3. PD_TAG to be shown in the Toolbox after Commissioning.
  4. Controller name. This field is to specify which OP5142EX1Ctrl1 or Board Id will be used to simulate the sensor.
  5. The field currently unused and may be used in the future. Must not be empty and may contain up to 32 alphanumerical characters. You may associate this field to the Board ID.
  6. Mezzanine board to be used. The field must be filled with one of the following options:(case sensitive): 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B
  7. The number of Function Blocks to be configured.
  8. Function block index.
  9. Reflective memory address.
  10. Data type. The field must be filled with one of the following (case sensitive): S08, U08, S16, U16, S32, U32.

All the elements that follow are repeated the same number of times as there are Function Blocks.

It will be important to manage the association of each mezzanine board to the correct linking device segment.

The order of sensors does not matter, what is important to note is that the input of the FFH1 Simulink block is a one-dimensional array. The values of each array will be associated with the order of appearance of the function blocks in the CSV file. See Inputs section for further information.


Data: This input is an N-element vector, carrying the data of each FF functional block (FB) for each of the emulated sensors; it could be temperature, pressure, level, etc. that is been read via Analog Input FB.

This is an example of the content of a CSV file and the position of values of the input.




SensorDevice IDFB OD IndexPosition in input array


Status: TBD

Characteristics and Limitations

This block has no special characteristics.

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeYes
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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