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OP5330 16 AOUT- Dynamic sampling rate


The OP5330 is a 16 channel analog out card with configurable maximum sampling rate.

The two maximum sampling rate options supported by this card are 1 Msps and 2 Msps". The sampling rates are configurable in the configuration panel of the slot they belong to.

When the maximum sampling rate is set to 1Msps then all the 16 channels are used, and when it is set to 2Msps then sampling can be done in half of the channels that was required for 1MSPS i.e only 8 channels are used for 2MSPS.

Note: Not all OP5330 cards support maximum sampling rate feature.  Upon loading the appropriate bit stream configuration file, if the card supports this feature, an option "Maximum sampling rate" will appear on slot configuration panel.


Once the bitstream configuration file has been parsed, the location of the analog out modules becomes visible to the user.

Maximum Sampling Rate Configuration

When the maximum sampling rate is set to 1Msps, all 8 channels are used in each subsection of the analog out slot configuration and when it is set to 2Msps only 4 channels are used in each subsection.

In the case of 2Msps, the available channels are channel 0, 1, 4, 5 for the first subsection and channel 8, 9, 12, 13 for the second subsection.

At 1Msps the card will be able to output 1 million samples per second and it outputs double the samples per second at 2Msps with lesser number of channels.

Using both D/A converters of the OP5330 it is possible to operate at double the rate and with only fewer number of channels.

Channel Group Configuration

                        1MSPS                                                                     2MSPS


Checking this box enables the usage of the 8 channels for 1Msps and 4 channels for 2Msps per subsection during the simulation.

Clicking Enable also adds the connection points for each of these channels.

To create a connection, the user drags and drops the connectable items onto an appropriate OpOutput block in the Configuration panel of the RT-LAB project.

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