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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2023.1


New features

  • Added support for Matlab/Simulink R2022A

  • Added new Simulink block (OpDilInterface) available in rtlab simulink library for mapping simulink bus to RT-LAB inputs and outputs (communication protocols, Orchestra, electrical I/O)

  • Orchestra: data can be exchanged between the framework and the client using bus/structure hierarchy

  • FMI: improved the integration of FMU using Orchestra cosimulation framework

  • License: demo license can now be requested using the new fields of the license request form

  • Data recording: recordings in oprec file format can now be loaded in Matlab without previous file format conversion (cf. Exploiting OPREC files with MATLAB)

  • Build/Compilation: default gcc options changed from -O2 to -O3 for better performance

  • ePHASORSIM: Added LimiterExciterUEL1, LimiterExciterUEL2 , LimiterExciterMAXEX1 and LimiterExciterMAXEX2 in PowerFactory's DGS netlist support

  • OPAL-RT Board: keep common configuration elements when changing bitstream configuration file

  • OPAL-RT Board: keep interface configuration when changing chassis type

  • OPAL-RT Board: add support for the following PWMOUT features : (allow disabling channel, dynamic phase shift and dead time, extended frequency range)

  • OPAL-RT Board: add support for 64 ports LoadIN/LoadOUT

  • FPGA SFunctions: add support for the following PWMOUT features : (allow disabling channel, dynamic phase shift and dead time, extended frequency range)

  • SYNCHRONIZATION: add C37.238-2017 sync profile for Oregano

  • SYNCHRONIZATION: add support for Oregano card revision 2.3 (OPAL-RTLinux x64-based)

  • SYNCHRONIZATION: add the option to configure the Oregano card by an OS service launched at boot time

  • SYNCHRONIZATION: add the possibility to apply an offset on the timestamp received from the Oregano card

  • PICKERING: add support for LXI (TCP based) type chassis

  • IEC61850: add support for the control functionality (attributes with CO functional constraint)

  • AFDX: add support for firmware version 5.1 for the PCIe-C664-V2 card

  • MODBUS SLAVE: add possibility for a slave to connect to multiple masters

  • MODBUS SLAVE and MASTER: add the support for INT32, UINT32 and INT16

  • TCP-UDP: add the IP aliasing feature

  • CAN: add default arbitration bit rate 500kbps [SP 80%]

  • CAN: add custom arbitration bit rate

  • CAN: update custom data bit rate computing (include prescaler value in the computation)

  • Communication protocols: make NIC field case unsensitive

Bug fixes

  • Fixed data recording issue when including vector signals

  • Orchestra: Fixed Orchestra client initialization issue if the Orchestra framework is only loaded and not running

  • Fixed loss of file transfer configuration when re-compiling the RT-LAB model

  • ePHASORSIM: Added support of exciters (AC7B, AC8B, ESAC2A, EXAC3, IEEET2, IEEET3), TurbineGovernor (TGOV3, WSHYDD, WSHYGP) in Excel configuration sheet

  • Processor cores dedicated to the operating system are removed from the list of cores available for real-time simulation

  • Carriage return in opComm simulink block names are now detected and an error message is displayed

  • Better management of the 'close project' action when called during model build and compilation

  • Using free version of Oracle Java JDK/SE

  • IEC61850: In the MMS server, only create the attributes that are found in the SCL file

  • IEC61850: Fixed sampled values id used in the packets sent by the simulator

  • IEC61850: Improve parser to respect the structure data attributes order as defined in SCL file.

  • MODBUS: Fixed data integrity issue for Holding register data

  • IEC60870-5-104 SLAVE: Fixed issue when more than 100 slaves are defined

  • FPGA SFunctions: Ensure that IO blocks are in the same subsystem as their controller

  • FPGA SFunctions: Fixed issue when OpShare Memory Ctrl is used accross multiple models on the same Target

  • FPGA SFunctions: Fixed failure to load models containing OpLnk blocks

  • CAN: Fixed motorola endianness support for CAN-FD

  • CAN: Fixed the display in the UI of data imported from a dbc

  • FPGASCOPE: Fixed issue when the signal chosen as trigger is not selected

  • FPGASCOPE: Fixed process cleaning when the simulation is reset

Deprecation and Removals

  • Matlab/Simulink R2016A, R2016B, R2017A, R2017B : end of support

  • OPAL-RTLinux (x86-based 32 bits) : end of support in 2024 (further info at

  • Windows 7 : end of support scheduled for the next major release

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