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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2022.1


New features

  • PROFINET IO-Device: Added support for new I/O interface; available only on OPAL-RTLinux platforms.

  • EtherCAT Slave: Added support for OPAL-RTLinux platforms.

  • Profibus: Added support for OPAL-RTLinux platforms for master and slave interfaces.

  • PICKERING: Added support for the 50-295A-121-6/24 card.

  • PICKERING: Added feature that permits adding custom cards to the configuration.

  • CAN: Added feature to parse DBC files containing multiple transmitters of the same message.

  • ARINC429: Added feature to invert the gain and offset calculation.

  • FPGA SFunctions: Increased number of supported LoadIN and LoadOUT ports to 64 for board types VC707 and TE0741.

  • OP4610: Added example models for the new OP4610 platform (OPAL-RT Board and SFunctions).

  • EXata: Added support for the new IEC 61850 solution.

  • TCP-UDP: Added feature to automatically correct overlap in data frames.

  • Communication protocols: Improved network configuration by checking the port used (C37.118 Slave, DNP3 Slave, IEC 60870-5-104 Slave, IEC 61850 MMS, MODBUS TCP Slave, OPC-UA Server).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed blocked reset issue when splitting a subsystem onto multiple cores.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Improved configuration file management for the FPGA scope feature.

  • FPGA SFunctions: Fixed issue of inverted PWM duty cycle values.

  • FPGA SFunctions: Fixed issue when eHS was used with a bitstream capable of polymorphism.

  • FPGAs: Fixed various FPGA enumeration problems.

  • C37.118 Slave: Fixed limitation of 1000 slaves per instance.

  • C37.118 Slave: Fixed communication issue when the IDs of consecutive PMUs were not in ascending order.

  • IEC 61850: Improved network configuration validation for MMS.

  • CAN: Fixed issue with data frames containing more than 64 bits in FD mode.

  • ARINC429: Apply the gain and offset after the maximum and minimum value validations are done on the reception side.

  • License: Fixed issue when retrieving target info on OPAL-RTLinux platforms for license generation.


New features

  • Improved stability and performance when opening and closing RT-LAB.

  • Added support for MATLAB 2021 a/b.
    IMPORTANT: With changes in the .mdl file format starting with MATLAB 2021b, please note that we currently only support this format in beta mode. While we're still evaluating whether we will fully support it in future releases, we strongly recommend to save your models in .slx file format. If using .slx file format poses an issue, please contact our support team:

  • Added checks to avoid recording more than the maximum file size (2 Go) on 32 bits targets.

  • Improved Orchestra I/O to accept relative paths to XML configuration file.

  • Added RAM and motherboard information to target diagnostic tool.

  • Added OPAL-RT Simulink block available in MATLAB quick insert list.

  • Added boolean data type support in the DataLogger.

  • Added jitter detection mechanism during idle time (hardware and software sync).

  • OP5367-1, OP5367-3, OP5367-5, OP5360-3: Added support for new cards in S-function drivers and OPAL-RT Board

  • Mezzanine Option S-function: Changed block to add the configuration of the thresholds of the OP5367-3, OP5367-5 cards

  • IEC 61850: Added new I/O interface with support for the MMS feature.

  • IEC 61850: Added conversion wizard to port legacy configuration and connections to the new interface.

  • IEC 61850: Added new SFunction helper block that outputs the clock in the format needed by the GOOSE timestamp attributes.

  • AsyncSerial: Added RS-485 half-duplex mode.

  • AFDX: Added support for OPAL-RTLinux platforms.

  • AFDX: Added protection mechanism against using the wrong firmware.

  • MODBUS Master: Added the triggered read/write functionality.

  • ARINC429: Added support for dynamic SDI.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Expanded the OP4510 (Kintex-7) chassis type to OP4510/OP4512/OP4610 (Kintex-7) to include the new products.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue when simulation is not starting due to the watchdog.

  • Fixed error "Clock change detected" when loading a model.

  • Fixed race condition on software display tab in RT-LAB.

  • Fixed bugs in the display of MATLAB variable value in Variable Table of RT-LAB.

  • Fixed bug involving the spawn of multiple OpalD processes on the target.

  • Fixed multiple bugs regarding target status management.

  • Fixed compatibility of DataLogger Python API with Python 3.7 and 3.8.

  • Refreshed VI LabView panels cache when a new IP address or a new port is detected.

  • Fixed several missing API functions in Orchestra DLLs.

  • Fixed race condition resulting in a failure during the loading of a model.

  • Fixed error happening when resetting the example model PMSM_FOC_OP4510_IOs_rtlab.

  • Fixed bugs to be able to compile SimScape model on OPAL-RTLinux with GCC.

  • I/O interfaces: improved handling time of big configurations.

  • I/O interfaces: improved configuration tree collapsed state following a refresh.

  • I/O interfaces: simplified additions in lists by reducing insertion buttons to just 1.

  • CAN: Fixed error 17 at reset caused by having communication in only one direction.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed TSDIN performance issues.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed use of PWM Synchronize AIn (RCP) on OPAL-RTLinux systems.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed overruns occuring due to remotes not having output connections.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed incompatibility between the Fast Scope FPGA and Default Output Values (DOV) features.

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed board ID validation issues for threshold (OP5369) and multi-rate (OP5030-#) configuration on remotes.

  • FPGA S-function OpCtrl: Fixed issues when using 2 or more FPGAs of the same type in different subsystems.

  • SCPI: Fixed delay when reading measurement from Sorensen Asterion device.

  • MODBUS Master: Fixed byte ordering when reading float values.

  • IEC 61850: Fixed microsecond value placed in GOOSE packets when using the automatic clock detection mechanism.

  • AsyncSerial: Fixed crash on OPAL-RTLinux XG platforms.


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