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IPSocket OpIPSocketCtrl




The OpIPSocketCtrl block is used to control TCP/IP or UDP/IP communication with third-party applications by the use of an Asynchronous Process launched during model initialization.

The block parameters allow the user to set up the specific communication parameters with the remote device. The communication port of this remote device must be enabled before the Asynchronous Process is started, i.e before the RT-LAB model is loaded on the target computer.

Data reception and transmission is managed by OpAsyncSend and OpAsyncRecv blocks.


Controller IDThis ID number, in the range 0 to 255, is used to uniquely identify one communication process. OpAsyncSend and OpAsyncRecv blocks associated with this communication process will share the same Controller ID.
ProtocolThis popup menu enables the user to choose between TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol.
Remote AdressEnter the IP adress of the computer you want to communicate with.
Remote PortEnter the port number of the remote computer you want to communicate with. The port number must be in the range 0 to 65535.
Local PortEnter the port number of the local computer (the RT-LAB target node). The port number must be in the range 0 to 65535.
Multi-Cast GroupIf you want to receive data from a multicast group with UDP/IP protocol, enter the multicast address. Enter to disable the multicasting.
Name of the executableName of the executable file of the asynchronous application that handles the low-level communication transactions. Note: the executable must be found on the target during model initialization. It can be located either in the model directory or on the system path.


This block has no inputs.


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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