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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2021.1

Note: This version has not been published due to limited changes. All listed changes have been implemented in release 2021.3


New Features & Enhancements

  • Support for OPAL-RTLinux OS on the target

  • Specify the OS used in compilation and load logs

  • GCC becomes the default compiler for the OPAL-RTLinux OS target

  • Simscape models are supported on OPAL-RTLinux target only with Intel compiler

  • Example models for RT-LAB are now in MATLAB 2015b

  • Removed Restart function from RT-LAB menu

  • Support for Thermolib block in multi-subsystem model

  • Support of TCP/UDP communication protocol for Orchestra

  • Model configuration has XHP set to ON by default

  • Project example basic_example2(API) is set to run in Software Synchronize

  • Added capabilities to move IO Interface configurations from one project to another

    • See Python methods from RtlabAPi: ImportIOsConfiguration, GetIOsConfiguration, ExportIOsConfiguration

  • All active projects are closed when closing RT-LAB

  • Replaced menu entry Add with Link when adding a model to a project

  • Support for LabVIEW version 2017 and 2019 (no longer supporting versions 2013-2016)

  • Removed support for MATLAB 2012b/2013b

  • Removed the msvc compiler for Windows simulation. MingW is now the default compiler

  • Support MATLAB 2020a/b for advanced users

  • Added possibility of debugging a model on Windows host and Linux target

  • All projects are closed before switching workspaces

  • Improved clean-up of the environment when starting RT-LAB

  • Generated Diagnosis report in XML format to be compatible with all browsers

  • PICKERING: Added support for PXI programmable resistor card 40-295-121-10/12

  • DNP3 Slave: Added support for double bit binary inputs

  • DNP3 Master: Added support for integrity polling (new read mode)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for OP5369 digital card

  • MIL-STD-1553: Added a way to disable all RTs at the beginning of the simulation

  • Exata: Improved user workflow

  • Network configuration of drivers: Harmonized usage among different drivers and implemented automatic IP aliasing generation

Bug Fixes

  • Default values are now taken into consideration by the Orchestra framework

  • Fixed UI RT-LAB freeze when a target is not reachable

  • Fixed model name validation during import or creation of a new model

  • Fixed link to Orchestra documentation

  • Fixed idle time computation reported by monitoring, when using models that are multi-subsystem and multi-rate

  • Changed Java version to 1.7 for DDF configuration tool in order to be compatible with all MATLAB versions supported by RT-LAB

  • Fixed MMC license Count for OpalBoard IO

  • Fixed messages format, displayed when setting up RT-LAB on OPAL-RTLinux target

  • Fixed lock used in shared memory on OPAL-RTLinux to avoid losing isolation

  • Renamed .llp file when renaming a project

  • Fixed PyDev plugin initialization in RT-LAB

  • Fixed link to the help for Subsystem Core Selection

  • Fixed OpalD crash on OPAL-RTLinux

  • Target status is checked before displaying the license

  • Fixed IO interface that may be not visible after launching RT-LAB

  • RT-LAB template models are now available when creating a new model from the Basic folder

  • Fixed OpFromFile bloc behavior on OPAL-RTLinux

  • Fixed RT-LAB freeze after restarting a target

  • C37.118 Slave: Fixed driver behavior when multiple points connected to the same OpOutput block

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed issue on 64-bit platforms of only one subsystem working correctly when driver was used in the multiple-subsystem context

  • CAN, Modbus Master, Modbus Slave: Fixed initialization failures due to synchronization issues between real-time and asynchronous components

  • AFDX: Modified kernel module load script to work on different versions of the Redhat kernel

  • PICKERING: Fixed driver's failure to detect supported relay cards

  • PICKERING: Fixed failure to re-open closed RT-LAB projects containing the Pickering driver

  • PICKERING: Fixed usage of relay cards

  • PICKERING: Fixed resistive cards' configuration validation

  • PICKERING: Fixed resistive cards' status reporting

  • IEC61850, Modbus RTU: Fixed model loading and resetting issues coming from an incompatibility between IEC61850 and Modbus RTU (Master and Slave)

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