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System Connections

Connection between OPAL-RT’s simulator and OP8660 conditioning module

OPAL-RT’s simulators compatible with the RCP-EC2K kit offer in their back and front panels access to a broad array of IO ports which can be flexibly customized and assigned as needed by the user. However, the RCP-EC2K kit has been conceived to allow users to quickly interface the OPAL-RT simulator with the OP8660 signal conditioning module.

Interfacing the OPAL-RT simulator with the OP8660 is straightforward: the compatible DB-37 connectors of both the simulator and the OP8660 are clearly identified with matching Quick Connection labels that must be connected using the provided DB-37 cables, as shown in Figure 3.1 for the OP56001. Table 3.1 indicates the connections to be performed and the signals contained on each connector.

Connections between OPAL-RT’s simulator and the OP8660 modules


Standard label

Quick connection label present both in the simulator (OP5600/OP4510*/OP7000) and

the OP8660




DO (1.B for OP4510)

Extra Digital Outputs:

Ø  DO1 through DO8






DI (1.A for OP4510)

Extra Digital Inputs

Ø  DI1 through DI8 Two ABZ encoders:






EI-1 (2.A for OP4510)

Voltage measurements:

Ø  E1 through E8 Current measurements:

Ø  I1 through I8




EI-2 (2.B for OP4510)

Voltage measurements:

Ø  E9 through E16 Current measurements:

Ø  I9 through I16






IFP (1.B for OP4510)

Inverter Firing Pulses:

Ø  IFP1 through IFP6 (Inverter 1)

Ø  IFP7 through IFP12

(Inverter 2)


Not connected

Not connected


AI (Not connected for OP4510)

Extra Analog Inputs:

Ø  AI1 through AI16


AO (Not connected for OP4510)

Extra Analog Outputs:

Ø  AO1 through AO16

1 Depending on the specific system configuration and IO availability in the simulator, some of the signal depicted in Table 3.1 may or may not be available

Figure 3.1 Typical connection between the back panels of an OPAL-RT OP4510 simulator and the OP8660 module. Connection is straightforward using the matching connection labels.

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