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FESTO 8505-A0 wound Rotor Induction Machine (WRIM)


FESTO’s 8505 is a 4-pole Wound-Rotor Induction machine rated at 2 kW. Stator circuits are fully accessible via FESTO’s 8506 connection module to allow wye or delta configurations. Also accessible are rotor circuits which are wye connected to four slip rings to give access to all windings, including neutral.

FESTO’s 8506 module

The winding rating of the 8505 allows operating the machine as a wound-rotor induction motor, a frequency converter, a phase-shifter, a position controller, a variable-coupling single-phase transformer, a three-phase transformer, and an asynchronous induction generator. The machine also has three search coils allowing observation of the flux distribution at one pole of the stator, at one tooth, and at the full pitch of the rotor. Six 2-mm jacks on the 8506 give access to the search coils.


  • Line voltage: 120/208[V], 60Hz
  • Speed: 1720 [rpm] (@ 60 Hz)
  • Torque: 1 N·m (98.2 lb·ft)
  • Current: 10[A]
  • Efficiency: 77%
  • Power factor: 72
  • Friction/ windage losses: 230 W
  • Iron losses: 70W
  • Starting torque/current: 12 Nm / 43[A]

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