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BERTA Alert Button

The Alert button provides access to two graphic panels and two data panels.

Alert Main Screen

Settings Tab

The Settings tab opens a panel with five sections allowing the user to adjust all the parameters based on the site and sensors.

These parameters can be saved to a file and automatically assigned to the next simulation.

Once the changes are complete, click the File menu and select either Save (to update the previous configuration with the new parameters) or Save as... (to create a new configuration parameters file).

Refer to the Command Panel Toolbar in the General Introduction chapter for details on how to change the parameters.

Grid Connection

Kvoltage (p.u./V)Conversion gain in p.u. of the signal from the AD converter. This value is the inverse of the V/p.u. relation for voltage signals.
Kcurrent (p.u./V)The inverse of the  V/p.u. relation for current signals.

AC Generator Parameters

H CstH damping constant in megajoules per MVA, preset value is 3.6364
Ra stator (p.u.)

  Stator resistance in p.u., the preset value is 5 Xq: (p.u.)

Xq impedance, the preset value is 0.474

Computing Period for Mean Values (seconds)

P & S ValuesMean servomotor power and position values, the preset value is 5
Speed ValueMean rotation speed, the preset value is 2


Filtering Time Constant

Filtering Time CstFilters all signals, preset value is 0.02

Other Connections

Gain ServoServomotors setting, the preset value is 0.02
Offset ServoDefault value is 0.2
Gain Input AD12Default value is 1
Gain Input AD13Default value is 1

Graphics 1 Tab

All graphic panels are identical. Only the signals displayed are different in each panel.

Graphics 1 Panel

  • Top monitor displays Vab and Vbc (A and B voltages)
  • Bottom monitor displays Ia and Ib (phase A currents)

Graphics 2 Tab

Top monitor displays Main servo and Mean servo (position of servomotors and mean position of servomotors).

Bottom monitor displays Pelec and Pmec (electrical power and mechanical power).

Calibration Tab

This tab opens the Calibration panel. The BERTA signals have been factory calibrated to ensure their accuracy and reliability and should not require any adjustments.

Calibration Panel

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