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BERTA Introduction

This chapter describes how to use the BERTA (Regulator-Turbine-Alternator Test Bench) applications with TestDrive software.

BERTA is used with OPAL-RT hardware which includes the OP5600 HILbox, the OP8620/OP8621 connection box, the OP8684 remote control unit and the related conditioning cards.

The diagram below shows a typical BERTA setup.




On-Site Tests

BERTA On-Site Tests are used to carry out power plant speed governor tests using disturbance simulation functions.


BERTA Training is used to simulate a power plant test using a virtual grid dynamic model consisting of a synchronous AC generator and AC grid derived from an equivalent Thevenin source. This grid is modeled using MATLAB Simulink.


BERTA Alert is used for real-time monitoring of AC generator frequency and voltage variations. When the frequency or voltage reaches predefined thresholds, BERTA Alert records the signals observed and calculated during a specified time period.


BERTA Certification is used to validate the technical characteristics of a speed governor in a laboratory.


BERTA Calibration is used to calibrate I/Os.

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