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FPGA-Based Circuit


This component allows creating, editing, configuring and running an FPGA-based circuit. It provides access to a schematic editor specifically designed to develop models for FPGA-based simulation. All models developed with this interface are available to all projects through a shared database. Various parameter sets can also be predefined to enable switching test cases while the simulation is running.

For more information on how to use the schematic editor, see OPAL-RT Schematic Editor Documentation

Table of Contents

Mask and Parameters

  • Name: Name of the electrical circuit to be loaded
  • Edit: Open the selected model in the dedicated schematic editor
  • Create new: Open a new empty model in the Schematic Editor
  • Load circuit: Load the selected circuit in the HYPERSIM model and automatically redraw the block and generate the I/O and FPGA configurations
  • Source: Allow to choose whether to select parameter sets from the component "Active Set" parameter or from an internal signal connected to the parameter_set_id pin
  • Active set: Current active parameter set. To actually update the active set, the "Apply" button needs to be pressed

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring

The inputs and outputs of this model are generated dynamically depending on the sources, switches and measurements present in the FPGA-based model.
Additionally to these inputs/outputs a parameter_set_id pin allows controlling the parameter set selection from the CPU model.


Network connections are not supported at the moment.


  • Controlled sources inputs: drive the controlled current and controlled voltage sources from the FPGA-based model
  • Switches inputs: control the switches from the FPGA-based model
  • parameter_set_id: Parameter set ID. Only used by the component if the parameter set source is set to "External"

Note: if parameter_set_id value is not valid, the previous valid value will be used


  • All outputs represent measurement components placed in the FPGA-based circuit


All input and output pins are also available as sensors for monitoring in ScopeView.

Parameter Sets

Parameter sets allow changing multiple FPGA-based circuit's component parameters during the simulation, without having to re-flash the firmware or stop and restart the simulation. Parameter set values, names and ID can be defined from the schematic editor while editing the FPGA-based circuit. As mentioned above, as with any HYPERSIM component parameters, in order to update the active set during the simulation the "Apply" button must be pressed.


When clicking Load circuit, the configuration files are automatically generated in the model _hyp folder. Thus, to properly share a model using an FPGA-based circuit component, one has to copy the _hyp along with the .ecf file.

In the case where loading a circuit fails, a notification message appears. This message is clickable and a popup with more information about the failure is displayed:

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