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OP5369 - 32 DIO


The OP5369 is a bi-directional 32 channels card with configurable thresholds. Each subsection of 8 channels can independently be used as input or as output.

When the channels are set as input, the detection voltages for a rising edge (high threshold) or a falling edge (low threshold) can be configured.

All the digital input and output functionalities (static, PWM, event detector/generator...) are supported with this card.


Once the bitstream configuration file has been parsed, the location of the digital bi-directional modules becomes visible to the user. The channels of the modules are grouped into bunches of 8. By clicking on each group of 8, the user has access to the configurable options of the group.

Channel Group Configuration


Checking this box enables the usage of the 8 channels during the simulation.

Clicking Enable also adds the connection points for each of these channels.

In order to output, display, or monitor data, connections must be made between points in the model and the connectable points instantiated from the digital bi-directional slot configuration.


The direction can be either set as input or output. This field can be read-only based on the bitstream configuration.

If the direction has been set as input the threshold low and high can be configured:

  • Threshold low (volt): The voltage level of the falling edge detection. The resolution is 0.1176 V.
  • Threshold high  (volt): The voltage level of the rising edge detection. The resolution is 0.1176 V.

Digital type

The digital type may be read-only or configurable based on the bitstream configuration. Please refer to the desired functionality page for more information.

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