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Spectracom | Supported Features and Limitations

Supported Features

  • The Spectracom TSync PCIe board supports multiple prioritized timing inputs. When an input is lost, the unit automatically switches to the next input in order of priority.
  • The disciplined onboard oscillator is phase-locked to an external timing input, providing 5ns resolution time. This 10 MHz oscillator, central to the TSync-PCIe timing functions, uses the last known reference to increment ("freewheel") in the absence of a timing input.
  • IEEE-1588 (PTP – Precision Time Protocol) can be used to synchronize multiple systems over Ethernet. The Spectracom driver can act as an IEEE-1588 slave or master. FPGA clocks can be hardware synchronized by the Spectracom card when using a “Clock Adapter” board.

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