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Monitoring Simulation Performance of Large Networks

How To Get Network Performance When Using Several Cores

HYPERSIM task manager divides every components of the network into different tasks. These tasks are then grouped and assigned to available cores on the target. It is possible to monitor the performance of each cores individually by using the Performance Monitoring component. This block will gather different performance measures related to the core it has been assigned to by the task manager.

Adding a performance monitoring component

The Performance Monitoring can be found under the Control Miscellaneous parts section. When this block is connected to a voltage source, it will be assigned to a task on the same core as the voltage source.

Since it isn't trivial to locate which task has been assigned to the new monitoring block, it is often useful to integrate a Transceivers between the voltage source and the block. One Signal Monitoring block with its respective voltage source and Transceivers must be inserted into the network for each core that has to be monitored.

Here, all three components (the voltage source, the transceiver and the monitoring block) will be assigned to a same task. The task should have the same name as the monitoring block.

The task manager can then be used to assign the task to a specific core.

Recording performance measurements using the Data Logger

To record monitored performance values, the sensor form can be used directly on the monitoring block. The "Record" check box must be checked for each performance indicator that have to be recorded.

Once the simulation has ended, recordings can be found using the Recording Manager button.

For more information about the different performance measures, see the RT Monitor documentation

For more information about how to use the Data Logger see the Data Logger Quick Start Guide

Seeing the performance measurements in ScopeView

ScopeView can be used to either get the recorded measurement after the simulation, or see them live during the simulation.

For more information about how to use ScopeView see the ScopeView Documentation

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