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Step 6: Mapping Tasks and Starting the Simulation

See also: Task Manager

Now that all sensors have been set, in the HYPERSIM tab click Network > Map tasks.

Then look at the log window for the current network. The log window is very important; it provides a lot of information on the model, I/O, error messages, etc.

There are two consoles for any given model:

  • 1: The Model.ecf console gives information about operations in the model.
  • 2: The Model.simout console gives information from the simulation.

When something does not work as expected, always check these windows first.

Here, all the tasks are listed under Processor #1 because the model can run on only one core. The task mapper also estimates the approximate time required to compute all tasks.

The following section of the Network Log Window lists all I/O sensors configured.

Use the Network Log Window to verify that no sensor has been forgotten. An error message is displayed if anything unexpected happens with the configuration.

If your terminal output corresponds to the one from the last step, left-click to start your simulation.

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