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OP8210 General Description

The OP8210 1U rackmount chassis is an interface connector designed to be used with an OPAL-RT simulator system in order to provide a simple interface between the simulator’s DB37 connectors and external devices.

It can hold up to two connector panels, each of which uses standard connectors (RJ45, screw terminals, and BNC).

The rear of the unit provides the connectors that link the OP8210 to the OPAL-RT simulator, while the front provides connectors for client-side applications.

The OP8210 chassis has two separate sections that can accommodate various types of front connection panels:

  • OP8211: BNC connectors (up to 16 channels)

  • OP8212: Screw terminal connectors (up to 16 channels)

  • OP8213: RJ45 connectors (up to 32 channels)

  • OP8215: Banana connectors (16 channels available)

  • OP8216: Fiber Optic with 2 possible configurations (16 input channels or 16 output channels)

The OP8211, OP8212, OP8213 and OP8216 panels act as patch panels only and offer no conditioning.

The OP8215 used a different mounting 1U brackets and offer no conditioning.

An additional panel, the OP8214 Peak Detector, is used to detect high-speed pulses of small amplitude on up to four signals.

A blank plate is also available in case only one panel is used.


  • Rackmount 1U chassis

  • DB37 connectors for direct connection with the simulator

  • Modular panels with standard connectors such as BNC, RJ45 and screw terminals.

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