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OP5511 Setup Example


Please note that the OP5511 is discontinued.

The following diagrams provide an example of current and voltage connections. Refer to the OP5511 Connector Pin Assignments page for pin numbers.

To measure the current, the cable must pass through the Ch. A input current removable screw terminal connector (contact Ch. A+ and contact Ch.  A.-).

Measurement Setup Example

To measure the voltage:

(1)  only one wire from the motor should be connected to the Ch. A- input voltage removable screw terminal connector, the other part of voltage Ch. A+ is already available on the auxiliary connector (internal connection).

(2) Make an external wire connection between Auxiliary Ia and Voltage Ch. A+.

(3) If the reference motor voltage has the same ground as the simulator, connect the common point Ch. A voltage on the auxiliary connector to the simulator ground with an external wire. )

The figure below provides a closer look at the motor circuit.

Close Up of Motor Connection Example

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