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OP5511 System Description


Please note that the OP5511 is discontinued.

The OP5511 high-current and high-voltage sensor module makes it possible to convert four current and four voltage external signals to the ±10V voltage level. This type of module is typically used for monitoring current and voltage on AC or DC motors.

The current inputs can be factory configured up to 50A continuous. The measured voltage range can be factory configured up to 600V. Each current and voltage channel has filters used to adjust the bandwidth of the measured signal input. The bandwidth, without filtering, can go up to 100kHz (the default is 70kHz).

The OP5511 is available as an external unit with appropriate housing, it is primarily used within existing simulator chassis. Its connectors are the same, regardless of the configuration.

A typical use case is given in the page OP5511 Setup Example.


  • Four current measurement inputs, factory configurable from 5A, 15A, 25A up to 50 Amps continuous (must be specified at the time of purchase)
  • Four voltage measurement inputs: the default voltage range is 600 V. Also available in 50V, 100V, 200V or 400V (must be specified at the time of purchase)
  • Rugged screw terminal connections
  • Compatible with OPAL-RT OP5340 analog input module
  • Activity and out-of-range LEDs for each channel
  • Default bandwidth of 70 kHz (other bandwidths available and must be specified at the time of purchase). See Specifications for details.

All custom configurations are factory set, therefore voltage and current ranges must be specified at the time of purchase.

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