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OP8615-2 Hardware Interface

OP8615-2 Front Interface

Front connectors consist of 128 pairs of black and red banana jack.
Columns of banana jack pairs are identified A to P and rows are identified 1 to 8.

OP8615-2 Rear Interface

Rear connectors consist of a 2 signal module female receivers of 160 pins.

One receiver is identified BLACK and the other is identified RED.

  • 128 pins on the BLACK receiver are connected to black front banana jacks.
  • 128 pins on the RED receiver are connected to red front banana jacks.
  • 32 pins on each receiver are passthrough (pin-to-pin connection between the BLACK and the RED receivers)
  • Pin assignments are described in the next page.

As a general guideline:

  • Cables from the Break-Out Box to the controller should be connected to the RED rear receiver.
  • Cables from the simulator, conditioning box or mapping box to the Break-Out Box should be connected to the BLACK rear receiver.

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