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Harness identification

Sixteen (16) input lines (ID_HRNS0:15) are provided at the ELCO-56 connector to allow the operator to supply the Harness ID of the simulator. Each of these signals is pulled up to 5V through a minimum of 100K Ohms. When the Harness ID connector is plugged into the simulator it grounds the signals needed. This Harness ID pins configuration is interpreted by the Base module FPGA in a 16-bit value, which is made available to the simulation model for validation.

This ID allows the user to identifies the global ECU cabling requirement and to force an error is the detected ID is not the expected ID of the setup under test. 

User interface information: The expected Harness ID is specified in the Base Module configuration panel. A check box is also available in order to specify if an error should be raised if the detected Harness ID is not the expected ID.

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