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OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO - Rear Interface

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Rear Panel Description

  1. Power cord plug and master power on/off switch

  2. 4x DB37 I/O connectors for I/O module in slot 1

  3. 4x DB37 I/O connectors for I/O module in slot 2 (optional)

  4. Ground screw

  5. RS-422 DB9 connectors with 6 Rx and 6Tx

  6. PCI Express Gen 2 x4 port:

    • This port is used to connect the FPGA in the OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO to another compatible OPAL-RT’s simulator.

    • The other device must have a OneStop communication card installed. See the Use Cases page in this section.

The I/O modules are factory installed and must be selected at ordering.

I/O Module Slots


I/O Module Slots

Up to 2 I/O modules (or IO boards) can be installed in one of the two slot locations of an OP4810-IO or OP4815-IO FPGA Processor and I/O Expansion unit.

  • Slots are identified Slot 1 and Slot2.

  • If only one I/O module is installed, it is installed in slot 1.

  • A second optional I/O module can be installed in slot 2.

I/O Module (or IO Board)

I/O Module (IO Board) Identification

The I/O modules are factory installed and must be selected at ordering.


In this example:

  • The I/O card model OP48H10 is installed in slot 1 of the unit (leftmost slot when facing the back of the device)

  • Connector P1 and P2 include 32 digital inputs or outputs (Dio) numbered from channel 0 to channel 31

    • DIOs can be configured as inputs our outputs by groups of 8 (4 banks of 8 IOs)

  • Connector P3 includes 16 analog outputs (Aout) identified channel 0 to channel 15

  • Connector P4 includes 16 analog inputs (Ain) identified channel 0 to channel 15

Default I/O Module Configuration Suggested

Standard and Optional I/O Connectors

The OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO comes with an RS-422 Connector Kit (OP5969-1) factory installed by default.

The optional Fiber-Optic Connector Kit (OP5969-2) can also be installed. It will replace the default connector.

The optional Fiber-Optic Connector Kit must be selected at the time of purchase and factory-installed.

RS422 connector kit

It is the default I/O module provided with the OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO.
The DB9 connectors for RS422 signals are typically used to transmit differential encoder inputs and outputs.
Refer to this page for specifications and pin assignments: .

Fiber-Optic connector kit

The default RS422 I/O module above provided with the OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO can be replaced by this fiber-optic module.
Fiber-optic connector kit provides 6 RX and 6 TX channels.
These channels can be used as digital I/Os or for low-speed communication protocols.
The ORION protocol developed by OPAL-RT is compatible with these channels and available in custom bitstreams.
Refer to this page for specifications: .

Side Access Panel

The side access panel located on the left side of the device is reserved for OPAL-RT.


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