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Model selection


Connect the API to an active model. Subsequent API calls refer to this model.

Required Control



(modelState, ) = RtlabApi.Connect(instanceId, systemControl)


  • instanceId: The id of the model instance to which the connection is to be made. See Glossary.

  • systemControl: True to request control of the model.


  • modelState: Current state of the model. See OP_MODEL_STATE.


  • EOK: Success.

  • EIO: Error sending the request or receiving the reply.

  • ESRCH: Invalid instance id or instance id not found.

  • EPERM: Control requested, but already given to another client.

  • ENOEXEC: Could not connect to the model. Not all of the subsystems are still active.

  • EINVAL: Trying to connect to a model whose local and UNC path are both empty.

  • ENOENT: Could not find the original model we are trying to connect to.

  • OP_API_EBAD_CONFIG: Node mapping not valid or IP address of the controller machine not specified (environment variable OPAL_META_CTL_IP not set).

  • OP_API_EBAD_PHYS_NODE: Physical node not found.

  • OP_API_EMODEL_CHANGED: The original model has been changed (number of subsystems, sub-systems names, etc.)

  • OP_API_ENO_LICENSE: No license.

  • OP_API_ENO_PRODUCT: No license for RT-LAB and RT-LABx.

  • OP_API_MODEL_IO_TIMEOUT: Timed out waiting for a reply from the model.

  • OP_API_MODEL_IO_ERROR: Model is missing some or all processes or subsystems.



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import RtlabApi

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