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Model Execution


Load the model's executables in memory. Upon successful return, all subsystems are loaded and waiting for the Execute command.

The subsystems are loaded on the nodes associated to them in the last call to SetNodeMapping.

Required Control

System control


instanceId = RtlabApi.Load( realTimeMode, timeFactor)


  • realTimeMode: See OP_REALTIME_MODE.

  • timeFactor: See Glossary.


  • instanceId: See Glossary.


  • EOK: Success.

  • ENOENT: No such file or directory.

  • EPERM: System control requested, but already given to another client.

  • EBUSY: Node busy (another subsystem already loaded on it).

  • EBADF: Model not specified by previous Connect or OpenProject.

  • E2BIG: More than 1 acquisition group found for simulation without data.

  • EINVAL: Invalid Time Factor value or invalid model path.

  • EACCES: Trying to load a Dinamo model with more than one subsystem (currently not supported).

  • EIO: Error sending the request or receiving the reply.

  • ENOMEM: Memory allocation error.

  • ESRCH: Model instance id not found.

  • OP_API_EBAD_PHYS_NODE: A subsystem is not assigned to a physical node or is assigned to an invalid physical node.

  • OP_API_EBAD_CONFIG: Error reading configuration file or invalid setting found in the configuration file.

  • OP_API_EBAD_DEV_ENV: Could not get the target development node.

  • OP_API_MODEL_IO_TIMEOUT: Timed out waiting for a reply from the model.

  • OP_API_MODEL_IO_ERROR: Model is missing some or all processes or subsystems.

  • OP_API_ENO_NODE_LICENSE: Not enough licenses (number of model's subsys is greater than the number of available node licenses).

  • OP_API_ENO_TARGET_LICENSE: No license for selected target.

  • OP_API_ENO_RTCOMM_LICENSE: No license for selected real time communication.

  • OP_API_ENO_TARGET_MULT_LICENSE: No license for multiprocessing.

  • OP_API_ENO_DINAMO_LICENSE: No license for dinamo.

  • OP_API_ENO_POLLING_LICENSE: No license for XHP mode.

  • OP_API_ERR_LOAD_EMBEDDED: Model's instance Id is reserved for embedded mode.

  • OP_API_ERR_LOAD_CALC_STEP: Calculation step is invalid (usually <= 0).

  • OP_API_EBAD_SIGNAL: At least one signal (id or element) is not found.

  • OP_API_ENO_DYN_SIGNAL: Trying to set dynamic signals for an acquisition group that is not set to accept some.


See example basic_example2.

Related Items

Reset, GetModelState, GetSystemControl.


import RtlabApi

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