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OP5110-5120 SPI Ctrl




This block defines and configures and SPI link on an OP5110 or OP5120 board.


Ctrl NameName of the controller block that will be shared the SPI Send and Receive blocks.
Bus TypeBus type of the selected Op5110/5120 board.
Card TypeSelect the card model on this list.
Board IndexEnter the board index of the card [see board index limitations in the characteristics section below].
PortThis popup allows the user to specify which SPI port of the OP5110 or OP5120 board is to be used. A different OP5110-5120SPI Ctrl block must be used for each SPI port.
Baud rateIf a master port is used, specifies the baud rate.
Compensation delay (nanoseconds)This parameter is used to compensate for the delay between the clock generated by the master and the arrival of data from the slave. This is required only if the propagation delay is longer than half a baud period. The specified number should be a number of nanoseconds slightly longer than the measured delay.


This block has no inputs.


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

Board Index Limitations

On the OP5120 boards (PC-104 format), the board index is user-selectable in the range [0-15] via a connector on the board. However, boardsOPHSDIO64 labeled v0.01 do not implement this feature, and the board index of these boards is set to the default value 15.

On the PCI boards (OP512x family), the board index is user-selectable in the range [12-15], via the jumpers JP8 on the board:

Connector Pin Assignments

OP5110-5120 boards usually ship with custom-made cables adapted to the signal conditioning required by the system they are to be connected to. Please refer to the documentation of your system for your specific connector pin assignment. If you need to prepare your own custom cable, please contact 

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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